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    How does everyone generally deal with the issue of client domain purchasing? Say my client wants and it’s available. Is the generally accepted way purchasing (and thereby owning) the domain through my company and incorporating that cost into my bill? Or maybe just giving them directions on how to buy it and getting the passwords from them?

    I can see merits in either scenario, but am wondering what is “industry standard”. I would think some clients would be leery of letting me own their corporate website, but equally so, some people are horribly internet illiterate and probably aren’t able to purchase their own domain.

    Anyway, any insight is most gratefully accepted.




    I always get my clients to purchase their own domain. Some need instructions, but it should be in their name.


    Depends per client really, as TheDoc says the domain should be in their name. But some clients prefer (lazy / cant be arsed) that you buy it and dont mind that it’s on your name.


    i’d have to agree with @TheDoc on this one. it’s always best to make them get it themselves. should they want ownership of the domain later on, domain transfers are a pain.


    Cool! I think I know which way this is going…and it makes a lot of sense to me. Either create some sort of instruction manual or as JoshWhite said, walk them through it.

    Thanks guys!


    I normally make my clients get their own domains. Although there have been a few situations where they have wanted me to do it. I think in the long run its easier to get them to do it themselves as others have pointed out.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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