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    my portfolio of thumbnails is accessible on each page of my website. (i have 4 pages to my website… index, about, blog, contact)

    to do this i copy/pasted the portfolio ul on each page. (its a list of thumbnails)

    is there a way to have it on the index page and then pull it in from that page to each other page. that way if i update the portfolio on index, i don’t have to copy/paste each time to update all pages.


    there’re probably better ways to do it but what i’ve been doing lately is utilizing jquery’s load function.

    read the docs here:

    particularly the Loading Page Fragments section.


    I would just use an include. You could use a server side include or a PHP include.


    PHP include:


    Hi Shamai!

    Could you change your post category please (just edit your original post) – I’m pretty sure this isn’t a css problem and it is unclear whether your issue is on the server or user side (javascript vs php) or I would have changed it myself.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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