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    Today I came by this example of good using of quotes and I found it very inspirational. This is the way magazines and newspapers are using it, but I’ve never seen it often this way on websites, but I think it’s a very good thing to do it this way. What do you think about it?

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    I really like pull quotes in general, but notice in they way there are doing it here that the pull quote text is repeated in the markup. In this case, it’s in a blockquote tag so even with CSS turned off there is some default styling that will set it off from the rest (or in the case of a feed reader). But if it were to use something like <p class="pullquote">, that would be a problem. For this reason, I like using jQuery and it’s ability to "clone" page elements:

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    Chris’ one is good. It degrades gracefully and doesn’t repeat the markup. The same goes for the pullquotes Edwin linked to. There it really stands out, by putting it inside a <blockquote>. Then it’ll be easier to print, or for screenreaders to read it.

    Edit: Forgot I could use normal brackets instead of &lt;/&gt;.

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    Totally agree with you :)

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