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    I LOVE the video on converting a photoshop file to CSS/html, it totally reinforced my already limited knowledge of CSS and html. I feel more more confident to start designing a site.

    I only got confused on ONE part. Why did setting the bottom padding on the quick jump div push the remote image Down?? that totally threw me for a loop. otherwise wow!

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    well it could be because browsers have their own settings for margins and padding. So setting the rules for this will remove the browser defaults and go with yours.

    for example. if you just code one single image into a file using the <img> tag. it will be placed in the upper left corner of the browser. There will be some white space on the left and top of the image. If you use css to set the margin and padding on that image to 0. You will when you refresh the screen that the image will move further left and up in the browser window. You must remember when designing that all browsers have their own css rules. So resetting the rules before you start to design your site, could help you. I think the fastest way to do this is by using this rule

    * { margin: 0; padding: 0; }

    the start " * " tells the css to apply it to all rules

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