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    So i’m learning to convert PSD to htmlcss pages and i’m unsure how to deal with boxes/shapes that are clearly a certain size in the PSD and need to be replicated in css in a responsive manner.

    Conceptually how does one tackle this ?
    Despite the ‘pixel perfect’ thing possibly being in the past, when a design is created in PSD, they clearly still want the sizes of objects adhered to right ?

    So how do you create them in that size, and ensure they are responsive ?

    Eg, I have a PSD that has two boxes side by side. They are both within a container that has left and right margins. They are both 510×380 sized in the PSD. If i replicate that in css, they will not be responsive obviously.

    I hope that makes sense without code, its not about this particular one, but conceptually how to address it in general.



    It depends entirely on the design. Are those components supposed to be at that exact width between certain screen sizes and different widths at other sizes or are they supposed to be some percentage of the page width?


    Thanks and yes, I have been given a mobile version of the PSD – the two boxes will need to be combined into a tabbed version on mobile.

    However just for now i’m trying to account for the in-between, which i’m making an assumption that the boxes should at least remain the same aspect ratio and not shrink down into rectangles before it gets to the mobile version :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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