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    Hi everybody..
    this is my first post here so, maybe it’s not the best place where i start my discussion….
    ok, i have a PSD mockup that i make it as like final project last year in photoshop lessons in university, and i obtained “0” as a remark and note, and i don’t know why!!!!
    here is my work
    and for this time i want to sell it, if you love it, please i need your help….


    Id give 90 marks in creativity but it goes down when comes to usability. Though HTML5 and CSS3 supports most of your creativity it would loose on bandwidth. The page will take a lot of time to load. The width of the file is not standard. Its not great for 1200px wide websites nor correct for 960px wide websites.

    I believe if you work on the basic a little more then everything will be right. Hope the comment helps.


    Okay, thanks dude for comment!!!


    It’s cool, I like the flowers on the wood background – looks nice. Not a big fan of the font choices, in particular on the tabs or the Disney font in the logo. It’s probably going to need tweaking if it’s gonna work for web, but overall it looks solid graphically. Nice job.


    You know, it looks a lot like some free WordPress themes. Well, I don’t mean the cruddy ones, though. The graphics are good. You just need to bone-up on web typography, and try not to use straight-up red as a color anywhere (IMO, it’s only appropriate in small doses and just for form validation text like “required” or “you forgot such and such”).

    Also, your social media buttons… I almost missed them completely, because they blend in too much. You should also make the navigation around the slider easier to see, because the white on that light green has too little contrast.


    okay, guys… thanks for your support….
    i really have been encouraged to make nice designs….

    : okay, professor wouldn’t talk to me.. after he give’ 0 ‘…..
    and i’m now becau


    so anyone want to buy it???
    need help


    @virtual: okay, i will try

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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