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    Menu doesn’t show gradient and round corners properly on drop down menu for IE (all versions).
    Is there anyone who can assist me with this?

    Many Thanks


    Code? Link? Example?


    Border-radius and gradient are not working on lower than IE9. You can try for radius and Gradient on IE8 and lower. An other exemple:


    Still having the same issue :(


    You will need to make 2 changes:

    1) The path to should be relative to html – not css.
    So, your code in css will be behavior:url(css/;

    2) When you are applying pie to an element, it needs to have position – relative or absolute.

    Let me know if that helps. Thanks. :)


    Im sorry but what do you mean by the path to should be relative to html?


    Eg. If you were to write the path of in HTML, it would be “css/” (assuming is in css folder.) The same path should be given in CSS.
    Hence, behavior:url(css/


    Hi Neerukool

    The html and the css are the same but it’s still not working and I have any idea what I’m doing wrongly. .. Could you assist me?


    I meant have the same path but it’s still not working properly and I don’t have any idea what …


    It would be great if you can send the file to me. It will help a lot.
    [email protected]


    @Krish1980, can work on server as well.. The page is an HTML page – not php.
    If it was for Drupal, we need full path to the .htc file.

    , I just figured out you have put your in js folder. So, you should change your path in css to:

    And dont forget applying position: relative / absolute to your elements.

    Thanks. :)



    Is it right to link the html file as follow?


    link href=”js/Pie/” type=”text/javascript”

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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