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    Am currently in the process of transferring my website over to wordpress. However, I have not got the results I wanted..

    My website..

    As you can see the right hand column has its own space and will expand with the main content when needed..

    This is my transferred website..

    As you can see their are issues with the right hand column.. Any thoughts on how I can make it like the first one?

    I haven’t changed any code which confuses me!


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    Start by validating
    In your document head you are calling:



    But the last two are giving 404 not found errors.

    Also you are using a jQuery plugin but you don’t appear to be loading jQuery.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply..

    Yeah am going through my validation now.. Am down to 10 from 33! Been on it for 3 hours now!! Argghh!!

    Yeah am planning to take that jquery out and use a widget for wordpress.


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    Validation down to 3 errors..



    And jQuery has gone, however page is still the same..

    Any more suggestions?


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    I still get 4 errors (although they are all actually the same one). That’s your problem, you have forgotten to close a div somewhere. The markup is also completely different between the two versions, split the sidebar into two seperate divs like in the original site.

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    Ahh you’re using XHTML 1.0 Strict

    Will fix it now :)

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