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    I m learning to create tooltip for a project and I m required to create the tooltip exactly same as we see on
    here is the code

    the tooltip which is shown in the code that I have, is rectangular and I need to add the “V” shape at the bottom(as seen on facebook). I tried to use an image and played with the background-position-x and y but didn’t work very well. What do I do to add the V shape at the bottom of the tooltip?
    Thanks in advance

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    @sayedtaqui, you can create arrow with css and then incorporate somehow with your tool tip by positioning it absolutely. I have never done tooltip like that before so you might want to play with it.
    Here’s the arrow pointing down,

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    Hey jurotek , that was help check this one now

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    @sayedtaqui, very nice

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    yes thanks a lot

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