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    The weirdest thing! I built a website using a heavily styled ul for my main navigation. While building I test in IE7 and everything was perfect – however when I tested in Chrome & Firefox, suddenly the links didn’t work at all! I systematically removed bits of CSS to see what caused the problem and when I removed the position: absolute suddenly the links came back to life. Now I’ve used position: before and the links worked – I am REALLY perplexed why the links stopped working this time, and why IE handled it fine and Chrome & FF did not – could anyone help me out? (It was not the z-index, I tried various things with that, and I removed all the styling from the a: and the ul and nothing helped – only removing position: changed the situation) What makes it even weirder is that the wireframe menu at the bottom works.

    Thanks so much! A kazillion dollars to the person who can solve this riddle for me! :D


    HI there wolfcry911 – thank you so much for all your suggestions – I never got this reply when you wrote it, only now. OK I hear you about testing on IE – I’m still doing that so I’ll revise that practice. These days I understand the dark art of positioning a lot better :D and hopefully becoming a bit less clumsy in general where CSS is concerned, your comments are gratefully received.
    Oh and thanks for the compliment on the design!
    Have a good weekend!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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