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    Hello again,

    As is probably common with people starting out with CSS I’m having a little trouble understanding how to get DIVs to do what I want! So any help would be gratefully received!

    To illustrate the problem I’ve cut things down to a simple example, which you can see here:

    What I want is for the second HR to be displayed directly below the line with ‘Text 2’ and ‘Text 3’ – but instead it’s appearing at the bottom of the large image.

    Do I need to add additional DIVs to get it to work correctly?

    Thanks again in advance!


    Well it’s a simplified example I’ve created – here’s what I’m trying to create:

    That’s only part of the page, but shows what I’m trying to do.

    Maybe it could be structured differently, but I’m trying to split it up into logical boxes and didn’t think a table would allow the flexibility.


    Thanks for that – that’s really helpful! I’ll have a good look at that to see where I went wrong so I’ll know next time!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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