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Problem with Cubecart template..

  • # January 4, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    I want use anythingslider whit this template:

    > >
    < !DOCTYPE html>

    {if isset($CSS)}
    {foreach from=$CSS key=css_keys item=css_files}


    {if $ANALYTICS}


    {include file=’templates/box.errors.php’}


    {if isset($SKIN_SELECT)}{$SKIN_SELECT}{/if} {$SITE_DOCS}

    {if !$CONFIG.disable_mobile_skin}



    {if isset($DEBUG_INFO)}{$DEBUG_INFO}{/if}

    {include file=’js/common.html’}

    {if isset($JANRAIN)}{$JANRAIN}{/if}

    {if isset($LIVE_HELP)}{$LIVE_HELP}{/if}

    {foreach from=$JS_SCRIPTS key=k item=script}





    {include file=’js/common.html’}

    when i try to insert code of anythingslider, seems it enter in conflict with previous css style sheet. I have made some modifications and gallery image don’t work. How can install without stop previous css and other script?

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