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    Last week I dropped this question also, but I thought I had the solution with a javascript-preloader and while I didn’t get any responses I deleted the message again. But the thing with the javascript-preoloader didn’t work fine. So here I am again. I am using iCarousel for presenting my portfolio. But when the page loads it shows all the images for few seconds, what makes the page ‘flickering’. I looked at another website that uses iCarousel and there everything works fine. Can somebody please help me with this?

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    Seems to work fine here, didn’t see no flickering…in FF, it did but like half a sec, I guess thats expected to load images?

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    Yes and that half a sec is what it’s all about. There still are people with slower internet then we do and then that half a sec can be a few seconds or more. It’s indeed the loading of those images. But why isn’t it happening by that other site? Have you got an idea?

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    I wish it was using jQuery instead of MooTools, then I could probably help :geek:

    The idea that keeps popping into my head is to have a div that sits on top of the portfolio until the page is fully loaded, then hiding it. Or pushing the inside of the portfolio section down until loaded with some big top margin and then removing that margin when the page loads.

    The "Coda Slider" (that also uses jQuery), uses a loading graphic that it displays while all the slides are loading:

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