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    Elsewhere in this site I was given the code that would allow my site to access a separate .css file when the visitor has an IE 7 browser. Specifically:
    Instructions were to enter this code into the HEAD section of my CSS template source code. However, when I paste that code in the HEAD it’s grayed out and unusable. How can I get the above code to be valid for shifting to the alternate CSS? Do I need a separate file resident on the server so this is recognized? Does it need to be bracketed by

    the first line of the code it STILL grayed out and so won’t be recognized. It’s driving me crazy! Help!


    I’ve noted in my above question that some of my information did not make it in because of some character use. The specific code I refer to above starts with [!–If IE 7] and calls the alternate CSS. And, I’m asking if the code needs to be inserted between style /style. And even if it is, the [!–IE 7] is still grayed out and unuseable.


    The correct code needs to be put between and (but should not be placed in any other tags, so do not place it between

    and or anything):

    Where do you see it greyed out exactly?


    I did that. I’ve put a screen grab of that portion of my code in my dropbox at
    if you want to take a look. Driving me crazy!


    HTML conditionals are greyed out because they are comments technically but since it has a conditional statement in it it will still work.


    I did not know that. I thought gray was the kiss of death. Well, thanks, if you think it’s going to work, I’m going to run with it.


    Well, you could always put something in the conditional CSS that you know you will see for sure and then test it on IE7. But yes the conditionals will always appear greyed out.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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