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    I’m trying to create a really simple print stylesheet for a webpage, but the webpage was built on html tables (I didn’t build it!) and all of the table styling is automatically discarded by the web browser’s print function (I’ve tried Firefox and Safari). This makes it print everything in one long column of text, onto two pages, with mostly white space.

    Is there a way to keep the table formatting so that the information prints cleanly as it appears on the webpage?


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    Sorry! I can’t link to it, it isn’t live yet. I’m just working on it in Dreamweaver… I know it would be helpful to have a visual but in general I’m just wondering if it’s possible to make a print stylesheet that forces the html table to render on the printed page the same way it appears on the web?

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    If it’s not live then just rebuild it to modern standards.

    Other than that try defining some table styles in your print sheet and see if they take effect.

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