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    Hi guys, some really basic questions coming up!

    I am a print designer that would like to start making websites as a freelancer.
    I have some experience doing projects for the web in the past, but just as a designer. I do know html and css quite well and a bit of jQuery.

    But from here, my question is what do I need to learn, and invest time in to, to start making websites on my own? The backend stuff is something I know little about, and if someone asked me to make a search bar I designed function well, or a form, I could not. So thats why Im here ^^

    I have read up on WordPress a little because of its popularity. But do I need to learn PHP to use wordpress effectevly? Since I am a designer first, that scares me a bit and I do not aspire to become a full fledged developer or dig to deep into programming. Or would another CMS be a better choice for me?

    I hope I can get a nudge in the right direction from you pros so I know what to focus on to start making websites on my own as soon as possible.

    Thank you


    Hi @Doraemon

    I too have recently started using wordpress, and have successfully created two websites and got them up and running rather quickly.

    The sites are and also

    You’re right – it is very daunting when you don’t have a clue about wordpress and how it works but it’s actually not that bad, I would recommend watching these few videos from a guy on YouTube.

    He has uploaded a total of 18 different tutorial videos and basically talks you through each step, from setting up the wordpress installation on XAMPP, to talking about the WordPress Loop, AJAXing your theme and widgetizing your sidebar, he’s very thorough, however just be prepared to type ALOT of PHP code, saying that, it really does help gain your confidence with the language which WordPress is majorly based on.

    Their are alot of CMS systems out there including Joomla and Drupal, personally I’ve only ever used WordPress simply for its easy-to-use style and the ability to create powerful websites rather easily (once you have the hang of it).

    Please give the videos a watch they helped me greatly and now I’m very confident with WordPress.

    Good luck!


    In my opinion I would rather pick ExpressionEngine over WordPress any day. I would rather use tags to enter in something like {copy} than a line of PHP code to do the same. You have to pay for it, but I prefer it over WordPress any day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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