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    I’m working with a new client and working out a quote. He hasn’t given me his budget so I was going to send him an initial quote. The client just needs a site updated:

    1. rearrange some text
    2. add some logos such as certifications, logos of products he uses, etc.
    3. Add some text on a few pages
    4. reorganize some lists of services
    5. put up some new testimonials
    6. update contact info and forms

    I planned on quoting around $300 and letting him know I was willing to discuss cost. However, should I not give a quote till I have a budget? Also, do guys think I’m under selling the project?

    Untitled #3

    If what you listed here is what he sent you, I suggest asking yourself if he’s serious enough to work with you.

    "Rearrange some text" and "Put up some new testimonials" doesn’t mean anything to you until he clarifies. He might expect a small redesign of sorts, for all you know…

    If you think from the tone of his e-mail that he is serious and knows what he wants, offer him a reasonable price for your work (no one can help you much here). However, indicate that any further bigger changes outside your agreement will add on to the original price.

    Hope this helps ;)


    Every single quote goes like this for me:

    (Amount of hours I expect it to take me) x (Hourly wage) = Quote

    If $300 is worth it to you, and you feel it will be worth it to the client, it’s a good quote!


    The list I gave a generalization of the actual list.

    Someone offered him $50 to do it. Looks like I was waaayyy outbid on that one.


    $50?! What’s that, 1-2 hours work? You probably spent more time than that finding and talking about the work.

    I don’t think you missed out.

    Rob MacKay

    Yea seriously – do not worry about ones like that… if they are using the word "just" a lot too you know they have no idea what goes on in the background lol

    "Just" add some testimonials… lol

    Oh dear.

    You did well to avoid that lol $50 LOL

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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