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    We usually use Chrome or sites like Browsershots to preview web designs at as many resolutions (and in as many browser/OS combos) as possible before providing a draft to clients, but are getting more frequently challenged by the limitations of viewing EXTRA-high res (especially extra-high PPI) with our current screens. Our team all has 1920×1080 (max) monitors that I believe can only display the (old) “standard” 72 PPI, and our newest client is seeing something else, despite our best attempts to optimize for all devices/resolutions – from the screenshots she’s sent, it appears she’s on a 2878×1624 screen with 144 DPI.

    Does anyone have any tips for previewing at “higher tech” specs than the hardware we currently have? Or do we need to just make the case to management/IT to get a higher-end setup so we can better preview all possible scenarios? We’re a super-small team that does a lot more than design so we may be a little late to the “retina-ready device” party. Would appreciate any and all advice from those with more experience – thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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