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    It is possible and worth preventing html to be loaded on mobile, if it will not be displayed? Something like media queries for html.
    The only solution i found, other than “do not load images” solutions, was [this one]( “jquery media comments”), but it’s realy recent.


    it’s easier to create a mobile version of your site entirely. and have users redirect if on mobile to the mobile version.


    Seems you’re talking about a responsive based design. You can take a look at Chris’ last post on setting a cookie to check client side information, then adjust what content gets displayed server side. Or, like Jarolin said, you could keep your site responsive, but also UA sniff to serve a completely different mobile site when appropriate.


    It’s an option, but I don’t want to go that far.
    Sometimes we have a few elements in a responsive website we don’t want to show in the mobile version. Usually, people just set display:none, or something with the same result, to hide it. The problem with this solution is that these elemets will be loaded and slow the website.
    That’s why I was wondering on solution to say “if @media (min-width: 321px) show this block of html, else don’t. Something like [IE Conditional Statements]( “IE Coonditional Statements”), for instance.


    Perhaps tackle the problem with JavaScript width detection and AJAX?


    Google conditional loading.

    Its pretty much having the content on another page somewhere on your server, and then bring it in using the .load function with jQuery.


    you can add display:none to the elements you want to hide when the window size reaches a certain size. The HTML element will be loaded but it would act as if it weren’t even there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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