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    I’m a senior CS student and I am searching for possible undergraduate dissertation/thesis topics that will have a working program as output.

    I’ve been searching for months for possible topics related to **web design** but nothing directly related or interesting had come up. I am also interested with **social and information networks (analysis)**.

    I am fairly skilled with web design (my expertise, in other words), with experience in web development using PHP (CodeIgniter), Java (Spring MVC), Python (Django) and Ruby (Rails).

    Can you guys suggest or give directions to possible areas of focus? I am open to other topics but it will be better if inclined with web design and social networks analysis.

    I can make information systems but that’s a bit underwhelming. An IS could just be a subset of my thesis. I thought of:

    1. developing a set of new CSS properties
    2. using [three.js]( for a native-JavaScript app to do 3D stuff
    3. using [LucidTechnic’s SOM]( to make an JavaScript app that uses self-organizing maps

    Any ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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