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    This is my personal portfolio website, which I redesigned at the end of last year. As I learn more and more CSS tips and techniques, I tweak the design and try to put them to good use here.

    I like to keep things as small and as lightweight as possible. My CSS is only 9 KB (for both screen and print styles combined), and I make use of a 5 KB JavaScript on the Contact page (the image reflection). Although there are plenty of images (the thumbnails and previews in the Portfolio section), there are no images used in the design whatsoever. The site is also fully readable without the CSS loaded.

    I’d love to hear some feedback on this design from some fellow CSS enthusiasts :P

    PS – Those of you on the latest version of Safari will notice some subtle drop shadows and CSS animations ;)

    David R

    Love how it looks in Safari! SWEET!

    My only thought would be to add the green strip that holds the extra navigation on your portfolio page to all the pages (even if nothing is inside.) That would make the pages feel more consistent (to me.) ;)



    Nice work James!
    I use Firefox 2 and I can see the reflection with JavaScript enabled.
    The slider works well in IE6 too, but has some issues in IE5.5 (who cares?).

    I suggest to work a little on the slide effect, since Error 404 is displayed when you click on "portfolio" if JavaScript is disabled. Considering usability, you can set the green bar to be visible by default (in the portfolio page, just like the previous version of your site) if JavaScript is disabled.

    One more cool effect wuold be the back-slide of the green bar when you move out of the portfolio section, it shouldn’t take very long to fix it.

    Do you know of a quick way I can test to see if JavaScript is disabled, and if so, to set the height of the submenu appropriately?

    Just set the inline image height to 36px. Then use the classic "document.getElementsById" to set the height of the portfolio submenu to 0px. In this way, if JavaScript is disabled the height will be 36px, since it’s not loaded the function that sets it to 0px.
    However in this way it’s going to be a strange menu, since the green bar is displayed even in the homepage and it’s not graphically connected to the portfolio button. Even now, if you click on portfolio the submenù is displayed, but the content remains the same of the home page. The spry effect is really cool, but IMHO it should appear in a separate main portfolio page, not above the content of the home page.

    Sorry for my English, I’m Italian!
    Take a look at my work too!


    Great looking site!


    Cool! I really like what you have done. It falls a little flat with out the drop shadow effect in webkit though. Invest in a domain and get yourself out there.


    Nice clean site. It looks very professional.


    First of all, love the design and simplicity! You really let your work do the talking :)

    I’ve got just one question: How did you make such an awesome sub-menu? Thanks in advance :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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