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    Ok so this is my first site design an i wanted to get some feedback on it :)

    Its not 100% mine, its a heavily modified template but the majority of the coding and design is mine in fact the only thing left really from the original is the footer..

    Please tell me what you think and any problems you find..

    I’ve already noticed one proplem in IE where the containers around the images are streched a bit .. I’ve tried numerous time to fix it but cant figure it out… If anybody has a solution to this problem i’d greatly appreciate it :)



    nice approach, I love minimalist design


    I like the simple layout, but I"m not a big fan of lightboxes. Do you have enough content or more images to display the portfolio pieces on individual pages?


    Firstly, thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it!

    , I thought about individual pages originally but wasn;t sure how to go about it and keep it looking simple design wise and also wasn’t sure about coding it, weather to use some sort of php scripting or to do individual html pages for each design in the portfolio… Lightbox seemed to be the easiest and and most simplistic way.


    Interesting concept, different layout. Nice artwork

    There are some errors in your coding, validate your code through W3C, it might solve the IE problem. IE is always a fussy witch.

    You can get rid of those dotted borders around your links by putting
    a { outline:none; } somewhere near the top of your CSS

    I have a fairly large monitor and I still have to scroll to get to the bottom of your images after they come up in lightbox. Is it necessary for them to be so large? And they take a bit of time to load.


    one thing i do not like is that i can’t click the top left logo to return home.
    i have tried many times out of habbit. other than that quite nice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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