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    So I have applied to quite a few jobs now and haven’t gotten any calls back. Anyone mind taking a look at my portfolio site and letting me know what you think.

    I thought it was pretty good but obviously not good enough.

    Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated.


    I think your site looks really good… I just wish I could view more detailed images of the projects you’ve worked on and if possible images of the work in its final state, in addition to the digital versions.

    Good luck!


    It’s a slick-looking site. Nice color palette and easy on the eyes. I’ve only a few quibbles, nothing major.

    First off, clean up your grammar: Simple (comma) Clean & Professional. Kill all "welcome to my site" language – this is not 1999. Depending on what you’re after, most clients won’t care about the "How I do it" details.

    In fact, the more I look at it you could almost delete the Simple, Clean and Professional bit and make your intro text that much larger. You’ve only got seconds to make an impression, and I’d think you’d want prospective clients to get your name and what it is you do right off the bat. As it is now, you’ve got a lot of text right at the beginning (About me, What I can do, How I do it), and I think it looks cluttered and slows people down and prevents them from getting to the guts of your portfolio.

    Maybe introduce your portfolio (My work, What I’ve done, etc.,)??

    Also, maybe move Contact Me up a bit ( in line with your name, perhaps?) to give the text some room to breathe?

    All in all, your website looks loads better than most out there – I esp. like the Portfolio nav.



    The first thing I noticed is the misspelling of Alberta. Coming right after stating that you are detail oriented, this leaves a bad impression. Also, I agree that punctuation needs some attention.

    On the positive side, nice clean layout and better typography choices than most sites.


    I dont know if its my problem, because nobody said this, but i really hate the pink color in "Simple, Clean & Professional". Its painful for my eyes, dont know why. Maybe its my problem


    Yeah the grammar is pretty killer as far as readability goes.

    I agree with the pink..i’d love to see a soft blue or soft green in it’s place.

    You do clean and professional work though, so I’m not sure why your portfolio seems a bit cluttered. I agree with friendofpugs…most clients don’t care ‘how you do it’…but you could always try and make that a link/jquery popup that reads "How Do I Do It?" , rather than on the screen itself.

    I would also title the bottom half, as some people might not immediately know that the left side of the view area is a) clickable and b) your portfolio of work.

    And on first glance I felt there was some divitis occurring…but I didn’t dig too deep.

    Overall it’s pretty sweet, just needs some minor tweaking.


    Overall, I think it’s a great one page site.

    Yea, I like the idea of the pink, but maybe theirs a better shade of pink that will be easier to read…. Or maybe make the color behind it should be darker.

    My biggest problem is that the first word is "Simple," and yet the site isn’t very simple. There is a lot of content very close together, which makes it a little cluttered IMHO.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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