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    Hi, I am 15 and learning to design… please give me ideas to improve/add-on to this. Thank you.

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    Here are a few thoughts:

    Maybe think about incorporating some more white space. I come from the school of thought that there’s literally never too much.

    You’ve got a really clean interface and I like that. But I think the colors are a bit dark and confining. It doesn’t have that bright clean feel to it.

    Along those same lines is the color scheme. I feel that the blue and the orange are both too dominant. I think it would be cool to do a nice mono color scheme with one accent color that is complimentary and used sparingly.

    I like your typeface. I’m a big proponent of a nice clean sans. It’s nothing flashy… doesn’t have a whole lot of pop but it’s readable and clean.

    My only other question would be… why is this mockup so narrow?

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    I like it a lot.

    Very strongly reminds me of Level82 Tumblr Themes. You may want to consider changing the mountains to something else, just so you’re not accused of ripping off their idea.

    I feel that the sections (the 3 columns with icons) should have more space separating them.

    Make your name bigger! It’s the most important part, after all. ;)

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I will modify the design tonight.

    @ed42: Thanks for pointing it out, I will probably leave it though. My inspiration came from this.

    @joe_temp: I just built it on the 960 grid system.

    # October 26, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    No need to change the mountains. The design does not appear to be a copy nor does it look like it at first glance. Just because they have mountains as backgrounds does not constitute a “ripoff” and I would bet my life that they were not the first to come up with that idea.

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