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    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to show my latest design for my new portfolio, I’m firmly a developer so don’t trust my design skills at the moment.

    Could some kind people give me some feedback on this design, does it look interesting enough? I want to launch something special so feel free to tear it apart.


    I don’t have a logo of yet and the illustrations aren’t designed by me (planning on designing some myself of asking my work buddy to help out.)

    Any feedback would be great!


    Alex Zaworski

    Hi Tom,

    Here’s some quick feedback:

    • The nav styling is gonna be rough on the eyes on non-retina screens. I’d bump the font weight up.
    • The little intro blurb is gonna be even harder, that for sure needs to either be larger or a thicker font weight
    • Masthead image is sweet. I like the hard transition to solid color— it looks very natural.
    • I think you need more distance between the big headers and the underline deal underneath them. Like 2-3x the space.
    • I dig the icons.
    • Also dig the colors.
    • Don’t center large blocks of text (the outro), it’s super super hard to read. Either cut that paragraph to like a fourth of the length or left-align that bad boy
    • “Let’s Chat” is (or looks) off center with “Jump Start Your Website” — though I’m sure that’ll fix itself when you get this into a browser
    • If “contact me” is a `mailto:` link you really need to have your email address on it. I’ve had issues in the past on computers with no mail client and `mailto:`s where I’ll click them and literally nothing happens

    I’m using an Alcatel OneTouch; this is one of the smallest screens one can have.

    In the Thomas Noble to Let’s Chat section, the font too small to read.

    You have ads under chat that the font size too large. It makes real long words break poorly.
    I can read those fine, it won’t hurt to drop down a few pixels sizes (or whatever you’re using).

    The last issue is the lack of space between your footer menu and the social media bar. On my phone I have no room to click contact us without inadvertently clicking the share bar.

    How is your languages compiled? I’m looking to do the same thing but don’t know how to go about it?


    Hey Alex,

    All valid points I was thinking about the contrast on the master head that it’s hard to read even on a retina screen, that’s something I have overlooked for sure.

    I’ll look to correct the font readability if I continue with the design I might whip another one up on sketch and see if I can do better.

    Hey I.m.learning,

    Its only a static design no code involved at all I want to get the design correct so I can plan my code in advance.

    Anyway yes the font is rubbish I’ll look to correct that.

    I’m not sure what you mean about are the languages are compiled?


    You have a link to choose languages. How did you create that? I’m on mobile so I cannot view your code.

    Is it a plugin or download or what?


    You have a link to choose languages. How did you create that? I’m on mobile so I cannot view your code.

    Is it a plugin or download or what?


    Hey I.m.learning, I’m just using that website to host the image so people can see give me feedback. I have nothing to do with

    I would only know how to do that on wordpress using The WordPress Multilingual Plugin.


    I must start learning WordPress. Thank you

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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