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    The dots2.png background works in Safari and Chrome. Doesn’t in IE8 and Fx. (well, only peeks a little at top in IE, nothing at all in Fx.)

    Can someone tell me why?

    Now, I realize here that I have relative positioning issues for wrapper div to work in IE. Birdrock helped by suggesting converting to xhtml file. Here is one page in xhtml: and this file works. Positions relative in all browsers.. BUT using xhtml now causes every browser not to recognize dots2.png background. (btw- it validates)

    I need a crossbrowser fix to solve both the wrapper div issue and the background dot thang. Advise appreciated!


    Put your "dots" on the body tag which is usually the whole browser window, the container means exactly that, it should not be 3000px wide, it should contain the main content of your site within the browser window therefore being nowadays usually a max of 960px wide.

    Xhtml has nothing to do with the appearance or not of your "dots". Birdrock suggested you use a specific Doctype because you absolutely have to have a Doctype so that the different browsers know how to interpret your code, otherwise they interpret according to their own defaults. It does not matter which Doctype you use Xhtml or Html 4 strict or traditional as long as you write your html correctly. You do not understand the basics of html and css which is why you are having so many problems. Even when you do understand and write code correctly IE will usually throw you a wobbly, but if Firefox is not behaving then it is your coding which is not right.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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