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    Im not a big Twitter (or anything related to "microblogging") fan, but Plurk seems a very cool alternative. I was wondering if someone already tried it.


    Chris Coyier

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    I am routinely upset with Twitters crappy performance, so if there was a mass exodus, I would probably hop on board. That said, I think I like the Twitter interface better. Just simpler… Plurk weirds me out, but I suppose I could get used to it. This is me:


    Aaron B

    That is a really weird interface. :? I don’t dig it none too much. But yeah, if everyone gets tired of the random untweetability going on with Twitter and dumps it, then we’ll have to go somewhere. Twitter just needs to hurry the hell up and get their engineers to execute a solution. I like Twitter, and cool apps like Twitterific make it fun and easy.



    I’m no fortune teller, but I’m assuming with the twitter team constantly struggling to deal with increased traffic there isn’t time for innovation or even keeping up with competition. If it isn’t Plurk then something will definitely replace twitter unless they do a serious reconfiguring of their service.

    I also heard John Stewart mention twitter the other night. That brings back memories of MTV mentioning Napster right before it blew up in 99, but I’m dating myself there so I’ll hush now.



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    Twitter is often down indeed, but the interface of plurk is really nothing for me. I like twitter when it works. I also can send messages to my twitter-page with my mobile phone and I use Thwirl on my mac to send and receive messages. When it’s working I really like it. It’s a pitty that the #track-function is down for such a long time, it only worked when I started with twitter. I hope they’ll fix that too some time. And last but not least "Plurk" what is that for strange name? Most people on the web have heard now of twitter. Twitter sounds good. "I tweet, you get twittered" sounds better then "You have been plurked" I think ;-)



    I like the design actually… It seems more practical as an expandable timeline (that’s how it works right?) than just a list of random crap you’ve said over the past few days.

    Twitter is okay, I tried it but didn’t stick with it. It seems like it could be a lot better, can’t put my finger on exactly how though…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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