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    thank you for your feedback, the reason why the nav is so far down, is because it was the only place on the fairy I could place it, I wanted the background to show through, and have an interesting affect when they were rolled over.
    plus it’s different. I’ve tested on two different computers so I’m not sure how to know and control how it looks on other monitors. On mine it’s very purple, detailed, and the rollovers glow, but on another computer it was so dark…

    The links, yeah I’m still working on the links, how to organize it and all. I’m worried more about the overall structure of it though, Links are easily fixed. Honestly it’s just a filler…


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    My only concern is the navigation being so far down. Any reason for placing it there? Being that the site deals with art and dark concept is ok. You may want to think about organizing the content a litter better because it’s hard to follow which makes it hard to read.


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    "lotusflower007" wrote:

    damm people, your lookin but not giving any feedback? It’s not hard, express what you think. it’s OK
    if you think it’s sucks than give reasons why.

    have you nto asked this before???

    anyway, very dark, the navigation hover does not change much, how do you know your hovering? far too much black and white, hardly any difference between titles and content.
    you have 3 links but all go to the same page, why? they even link to the same point in the page.
    if you linking to graphics design, then let it only go to graphic design, you know what I mean?

    and a footer so far down its pointless.

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