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    I appreciate everything you helped me with on my last site and wanted to know how you folks thought this one was coming along.


    Hate to sound mean but, it kinda looks like a design from 2001, maybe a little bland for my tastes although the nav looks good :P


    fop: Thanks I will work on those suggestions.

    Alex: While possibly the statement is not really mean it is also not terribly constructive or informative either , hence not a lot of help, but thank you for the nav comment.


    Just some basic observations:

    -It’s too boxy.
    -The orange links on the left are quite light on my screen and could cause problems for some users.
    -The cowboy image in the middle is way too large, it’s taking up too much space and you could have a lot more content going on.
    -The background image is very, very overwhelming.

    Please don’t take this the wrong way- but it looks like everything was kinda slapped in there kinda willy-nilly. There really isn’t much of a flow, it’s kinda all haphazardly put around the large main image. The tag line is larger than the logo, and the logo/station name is kinda lost among everything else where it really should be one of the most prominent things (but the background and cowboy is overshadowing it by far).

    I think you have the right idea of what you want to do, but the execution needs to be polished up. There is way too many frills going on, and not enough though about content and flow.

    Remember you want to showcase the content, not hide it.


    Lots of people have already said some great advice in here so I’ll only say that you would learn a lot if you picked up a basic design book. I bought this one last week and I’m learning a lot.


    The only thing I would mention is that the links on the left side can be changed to make the clickable area fill the entire box which is good for usability. For those links change the css to display:block for more info check out this post:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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