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    Can you see anything immediately wrong with the following style tags?

    div.button {background: #fff url(images/banners_right/Growthsmall.jpg) no-repeat;
    font: tahoma; color: #000000;
    width:130px; height:264px; top:0px; padding: 1px;}
    div.button a {color: #00000; text-decoration:none; width:130px; height:260px; display:block;
    div.button a:link {color:black; text-decoration:none;}
    div.button a:hover {color:#5ed883; text-decoration:none;}

    This is for the banner on the right at

    I’m baffled because I think I have written it so that the text is black and appears green on hover. However, if you look at the banner, the text is the same color as the left menu. Also the position of the text is strange as it is supposed to be centered and it is too far to the right.

    I always welcome any advice on my code so comments on any other aspects will be used positively. I have no formal training and am very keen to learn.



    The colors are working fine.

    The reason why it’s not centered completely is because the div class of "button" is bigger (130px) than its parent container "content_right" (120px).

    You need to rework everything so that its the same width, whatever you’d like that width to be.


    oooh, thanks guys.

    TT_Mark, is the page loading fine in safari? That’s really good news if so. I’m using the dreaded (dare I say it) Internet Exploiter.

    Is there a website where you can see what it would look like on different platforms?

    TheDoc, thank you for your very constructive comment. I bow to your greater knowledge. Getting up again is a bit of a problem tho. LOL. I’m glad you solved the alignment problem for me and it looks like TT_Mark identified the other problem as I.E.

    Thanks for your responses and I will undoubtedly be back!

    Warm regards


    TT_Mark, thank you for your speedy and invaluable help.

    I knew I would be back, I just didn’t realise how soon!

    What do I need to do to stop the text from touching the right hand ruled line of the image?

    Thank you very muchly


    Adobe browserlab is great for cross-browser testing. Although Mark is right, nothing beats the real thing! Also, IEtester is great.


    Thanks so much guys.

    To cut a long story short, I’m taking this over from my late husband who died very suddenly in the midst of working on this charity’s website. It is giving me a way to focus my grief.

    Your advice has been invaluable and I am now making progress slowly but surely.

    I know this subject has been dealt with many times before but I can’t find where to upload my notfound.html page – is there a quick answer?

    Bless you guys as I don’t know what I’d do without you!

    Warm regards from a freezing cold Neo in England

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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