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    Hey CSS-Tricks forum!

    I just uploaded my new website today at []( “”) and I would like to hear what you think of it.

    The design is the result of MONTHS of testing new ideas. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not a designer by any means as I struggle to come up with a design that’s up to today’s standards.

    I also enforced the use of Media Queries on this site too so that it can be viewed on mobile devices as well.

    Any feedback, good or bad, would be highly appreciated.


    It feels really crowded, maybe it’s because there is a lot of text, or because the lack of space around it (line height is really tight, only 1px more then font size). The blog posts from various blogs (3 of each) don’t align really well making it look messy. The twitter logo and text next to it on the bottom of the page seems clickable, but isn’t.

    I have to admit I’m no designer either, but noticed those things anyway.


    Thanks for your feedback, CrocoDillon.

    Yeah, I struggled aligning the blog post boxes properly therefore I decided to make it look like a noticeboard, but I’ll try changing that if I can.

    And I just realized that the default styling for the logos has `cursor: pointer` set to it. Gonna have to change that around. Thanks for the heads up!


    Need lots more spacing. Way too crowded. Gotta let elements breathe.


    Hi Sharikul, you a brave guy asking this crowd for some design critique! I basically agree with most of the comments. However design is a funny thing and a design might not be my cup of tea however other will just love it.

    However you really do have too much text and I also agree with CrocoDillon (where do they get these forum names from?) that the design is also a bit messy.

    Take care



    I can’t web design no matter how *gorgeous* my websites look (I know you’re staring with awe at this site), but I am…

    I can’t web design??? Like everyone is saying, its a little crowded and and elements need some sort of distinction.


    Is it me or is the site really slow?

    Because of the large amount of text, typography will be even more crucial. I would work on selecting more than just Lucida Grande. I’m also not a fan of the color choices here or the really really large icons at the top. I find it difficult to navigate your site or is this just a “one-pager” sort of thing?


    awesome!! just give space to breath and add some pictures plus build a navigation so that the contain can be divided in each page.. :)


    @chrisburton I intended to make this a one page website.


    Thanks all for your opinions! I really appreciate it =)


    @Melindrea I just went along with Lucida Grande because I honestly couldn’t find a font that I felt was suitable. I’d be grateful if you can recommend some, free of course :)


    Great. So if you don’t mind, I can suggest distributors for webfonts that I have used or do use.



    Inexpensive Options

    * (High quality for less than $2/mo – per style)

    * (see there pricing options)


    My opinion i like the the header, Your welcome paragraph is hard to read , and on your posts on the bottom you just need to work on your margin when spacing them.
    other then that the site is a working progress


    Thanks, @chrisburton, your suggested links look great! And thanks for the suggestion, @JayJay141!


    I don’t think its too crowded. But there is allot of text. Usually people don’t visit websites just read so i would suggest moving your bio to an “About Me” section. Also you should experiment with some bright colors. That grey color you used makes the website look antique and outdated even giving it gradient will make it look better. You should make your name get brighter on :hover instead of darker. But over all its not a bad website at all if you get your point across and things are readable. And i would recommend drawing the layouts of your websites instead of using Photoshop, it feels better when you have a blank sheet in front of you and not having to click the rectangular tool, then you move on to Photoshop when it comes to graphics and choosing colors.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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