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    Ok this might have already been answered before -excuse me if it was- but since I can’t find the search function I decided to make a new thread.Ok so I’ve got everything down,psd design,coding the actual stuff but I was thinking since I’m using WordPress for my blog and I make this cool design for it,I was wondering how is WordPress going to implement all the goodies that I have?What I mean by that is for example I have a comment section but its only for the post that i have made in PS,how is WordPress going to know to put the same section in every other post?The main question here is how in earth is WordPress going to update everything like that if I keep adding content,or do i have to design everything again and again for every other post.I believe there is an easy solution for this guys,its just that I’m new to this whol stuff and what I’m asking might seem very stupid.Well thanks beforehand for the help :)


    You can’t find the search function? Seriously?

    Wordpress is a CMS.
    case closed.


    Ok,don’t have to be this rude.Thanks for the link anyways,even tough It would’ve been more helpful if someone gave a nice explanation,but anyways thanks.


    Chris made a video series on designing for word press, should answer your questions,


    Just so you know, because this will come handy a lot in the future, you can use google search to search the content of a specific website. try this: whatever you want to search

    Thanks guys much appreciated :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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