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    I’ve spent the last month (at least I’m getting faster) building a new website for myself, after finishing my portfolio site. It’s a web design blog called Sketching Code, where to write article sharing my advice and techniques in web design I’ve picked up over the past couple of years. I’m by no means and experience blogger or professional web designer, but I am a quick learner and have experience tutoring my classmates in web design and development (not to mention I’m passionate about it).

    I tried a similar navigation method to blogs like Smashing Magazine; having the home link and links to the different categories. I also made sure to make the footer worthwhile; putting in links to my recent portfolio pieces, books and articles I recommend, email form, and of course copyright and credit to wordpress.

    One tiny little feature I’m trying out is the article navigation menu. Since my articles will end up being somewhat long, I created a plugin that generates an outline of the article, with links to the headers, so you can jump to whatever part you want.

    So, what do you guys think? Any problems or glitches? Go nuts, I can take it, seriously.


    There is too much going on, i dont know where i should look first. Maybe add some more whitespace and fiddle arround with the font spacing to make it more readable. I like the content of the site!


    Sure, I guess I could widen the gutter between the content and sidebar a bit, and shift it all down from the header some more. I’ll also add some extra spacing between the posts, and the list items within them. I’ll also shrink the banner a bit; might look better if it can command the same size area but only take up about 50%.

    Not quite sure what to change for the typography spacing, other than the leading on the headings (I originally had them set solid… now the leading is about 15% taller than that).

    Thanks for the input.


    By the way, I’m starting to consider changing the name slightly. Sketching Code is a bit awkward to say and doesn’t make as much sense as it could. I’m thinking of tweaking it to "Sketch n Code" or "Sketch & Code", it sounds better and still works well, if not better, with the overall brand.

    The only possible problem is that "Sketch & Code" is the name of — from what I can determine dissolved — DJ duo. That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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