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    Please if you can give any feed back on following website which is running.
    Now client have asked to change the website and i have make new version
    Please give feed back on newer version also thanks for help.
    Website is about an ngo helping thousands of people.


    @hompimpa thanks for feedback but i didn’t understand the “But the fixed background attachment makes me a little disturbed. Better use default position to create the real effect of classic solid wall behind your webpage.” Thanks again


    Not to be too picky but you need to be careful about changing the color of the twitter, Facebook, and YouTube logos, there are specific trademark usage guidelines that all three of these companies have, and most of them DON’T let you change the color of their logo on your site. For more information about trademark usage guidelines for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube see the links below.

    Not a huge issue, and there are alot of sites out there that break these rules but still better safe than sorry.


    I second the music comment – it’s a big usability issue in my opinion unless the music directly relates to the subject (such as a band).

    That background image is absolutely massive for what it is… 500k is just too much for a basic pattern. If you need to incorporate the gradient into it just make 2 containers (body will be the bottom pattern that is lighter, and create a wrapper that has the gradient version that’s darker at the top to keep it in images). But that will really help the load time and take it from 528k to under 50k.


    Thanks all guys for your help. I will surely correct thing according on your advices.Thanks all of you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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