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    My point is its a personal choice. I’m not fan of all the telling that goes on with music. Take one of my personal sites for instance. This was fun site I did for myself basically. Guess I just didn’t care about the people that go to libraries to surf. Plus it fits this site. Or at least that’s the type of vibe I wanted to give off.

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    @Eric ok i’ll agree but i think you have to think about what kind of song it is also and how loud it’s going to play on default.

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    One other thing….If you go down the route of NOT having sound by default then then the option should be given in a special section of the page (perhaps in the header or at the top of an aside) to say something like…”We have sound…click here to enable”.

    I hate anything that pops up.

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    @paulie_d I’ll agree with that also I guess it just depends on what the client really wants.

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    It does depend on what the client wants. Note though that if you do it off and give the option to turn it on you mine as well not have music. Probably only 2% of people would bother to turn it on.

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    >Probably only 2% of people would bother to turn it on.

    That should tell you something.

    Obviously if it’s a music focused site then a big warning saying “For the best experience you will need to enable sound on this site” is a good idea…but by default?…Never.

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    Ok guys Now I think ya’ll are just being mean.

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    Couldn’t agree more @chanman. I’m new around here and have no wish to make enemies but I just think that, because clients are paying us money to do something, we should do it. It should be part of our responsibility to them to advise them on the best way to do things on the web and give good reasons why their original idea may be a bad move and what they could do to better serve their users. Ultimately however, if we call ourselves web designers we should do anything people want that involves developing on the web (personally I’d draw the line at table-based layout though!). Hence me providing the code I did.

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    I’m not going to get into the debate (I think it’s a situational thing), but if you give them an option to turn it on, also give them an option to turn it off if they *have* turned it on. Listening to the same short loop of music or the client’s radio ad gets really old after a while.

    Back in the days when inflicting music on your viewers was the “in” thing, weren’t there options provided usually for turning the music on or off at will?

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    @tomrogers123 Your exactly right and welcome to the forums I’ve only been on here for about 2 years.

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