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    I am new to the css world so bear with my strength is design, learning code is a new game. I am trying to take slices 16,17,18 and have them show up in proper order. Do i just place them in the index code or the style.css and in what manner. If I am to code them in the index is it just a source image description or is it more. My header is in the index code centered in the style code. My goal is to use slice 17 and place a flash scroll function in any ideas on best practice for that would be great help. I will work through it but your help will get me to the end faster.


    Hi kgrennan,

    You could use a top and a bottom image of that white window you got and then have a wrap div for the middle so the content expands vertically. That could make things easier for you. Something like this maybe in your index file;


    div class=”top”>


    .top {width:;height:10px;background-image:url(/your top slice image)}
    .wrap {width:
    .bottom {width:
    ;height:10px;background-image:url(/your bottom slice image)}

    Something like that, you would slice the top round image with round corners and use also the bottom round corner image the same.

    You could also get into the CSS3 stuff my creating this window, you could also just use and position the round corners. This is some basic stuff which I hope gives you a better idea and helps out, that is if I understood your question right. :ugeek:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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