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    i am currently learning php and i was not able to find many sites that have mock test on small topics or asignments from which i could practice… i am learning php from new and i also want to purchase a book which would have asignments for practice for evey small or big topic eg: something to practice using operators or arrays etc


    i am learning php from new

    … teaches PHP?

    Have you installed PHP on your computer?
    Do you know any other programming languages?

    Unfortunately, I don’t know of many good tutorials or practice books for PHP. Some paid courses might be decent, but I wouldn’t know —you could try a few if you want, but I would leave that up to you.

    The only resource I can truly recommend is the official PHP website/ manual.

    There is also Mario Lurig’s book, which, although a bit dated, has a good introduction to the language. Plus, it’s free.

    Beyond that, if you have a practice task you’d like to try, go for it! Feel free to ask for help if you need it!


    yeah phpacademy…. teaches it and yes i am currently on logical operators part…. yes i know other languages(c & c++,html5&css) i want to learn php and python before i go to college.


    yeah newboston



    First of all, nice handle. It’s always good to see other Linux people around here. I would recommend They have a pretty decent PHP course. You’ll complete it within a few hours… a few days at the most. It’s pretty decent. It’s definitely basic stuff but it will teach you how to write simple scripts, I’m pretty sure you even write a little game.

    After that, a book I’d recommend is PHP Solutions. It focuses on some of the more practical aspects of PHP… the stuff you probably want to know how to do… like form processing and a simple login system.


    no offence guys and m noone to judge but… i did learn html from codeacademy and i find thier coding style not upto the mark …. has better php tutorials etc


    @gnufreak First of all, nice handle

    Depends on how he pronounces it : )

    … has better php tutorials

    Doesn’t seem remarkable. Good PHP tutorials are hard to find. In general, stay away from those that:

    • Describe PHP as something you can “add to” a regular HTML page
    • Use an older version of PHP (no less than version 5) or demonstrate “alternate” syntax (e.g., if ... endif)
    • Demonstrate/ recommend the mysql_* functions
    • Demonstrate using user-provided data (GET vars, etc.) without validating/ sanitizing them

    There are other “bad tutorial” signs, but this is just off the top of my head.

    Alen’s suggestion of PHPtheRightWay is excellent (and I had never heard of it before; thanks @AlenAbdula!).

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