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    I am not sure how best to word my subject line, so I’m sorry about that. And I’m not even sure if this needs to be done in HTML or PHP. I have a collection of websites that would all contain a "Links" section. I want to create an HTML document that houses all of these links. As an example, call it "links.html" and have it sit in my root directory.

    Is there a way, so that every time I create a "links" HTML file for each site I create that I can create a CALL that will return the information in my ROOT "links.html" into this file, so I don’t have to constantly update all of the pages (instead, just update the ROOT file and then the CALL will return those results)?

    I am not currently using a PHP document, but HTML and would like to know how to accomplish this.



    I guess I just found the answer. Do I just convert the HTML to PHP and create a links.php and call the include from each site? That seems the easiest way.

    Rob MacKay

    yup sounds like the include is the best way :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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