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    Attila Hajzer

    What are some things in PHP that i can do to learn it more effectively. i have a friend that “wants” to teach me, but isn’t doing anything about it, and what he calls teaching , is just telling me to do things… which isn’t helping .. the thing he told my yesterday was .. “make a CMS.” i’m just starting out. i can do include functions, and i know how to open and close php syntax. as well as that variables start with a $ sign.. i don’t know a whole lot. i’ve been on w3schools. but i can’t find anything to on the site, where i can make something to learn what i’m trying to learn. i have no idea if that makes sense but i’m trying to explain myself. to the best o my abilities.


    You could also check out php academy here

    I have found Alex’s tutorials very helpful to learn about php…



    I found the best way when starting out was to set yourself a little project for a few hours and see if you can complete it.

    Basic CMS using .txt files for paragraphs is always fun. Covers opening files, editing etc.


    hey attilahajzer …from this post a couple weeks ago I thought you were already a programmer. myspace?


    In terms of learning jQuery and PHP, I’ve found Sitepoint’s books to be extremely helpful: thorough, to the point, and relatively easy to follow (that’s not to suggest I’m an expert in either language, of course :).


    hi there,I m also a newbie in terms of PHP and Jquery and I learn a lot through reading books and one of the best books that I have is this free e-book that you should download here:

    also, I recently found out about the school of webcraft:

    they have a PHP group and free online classes.Theres a section with a lot of presentations from Rasmus Lerdorf (PHP creator) and others around the world.


    As I read somewhere,once you start templating your websites structures with the use of includes you never want to go back to having straight html files.


    I’d start by learning the very very basics i.e. arrays, loops, conditionals, variables etc. Use some standard php library functions whilst doing this. Then maybe learn how to code your own functions and classes and make some simple programs. Then go for creating a mini application like a CMS, Blog or something.

    How can you expect to learn how to build a CMS without understanding the arrays, loops, conditionals, variables first? Treat it like a hobby in 6 months time I dare say you could pretty much code whatever you like with enough time allocated to it.


    I agree with James, honestly, don’t try to rush it. Follow some basic tutorials, learning all the basic building blocks of programming (not really specific to PHP). Then start learning more PHP focused things using built-in commands. Then move onto things like how to create a function or class and work your way up.

    One word of advice which I wish I had done when i first started learning, Learn OOP from the start, i’ve had a hell of a time breaking away from procedural programming, even though I know OOP is much more efficient.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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