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php help, display a button generated from single shortcode, on loop

  • # May 8, 2012 at 4:33 am

    This will be hard to describe effectively but here it goes.

    Im using a shortcode (built in to theme) that pulls posts from a specified category, and displays them on the specified post/page where the shortcode lays.

    On these single posts there is another shortcode (from plugin) which generates a Add To Wish List link, when its clicked, it ajaxily… changes to Remove From Wish List.
    The wish list page, has a shortcode which displays

    What I need to do is, this link/button on the single posts to appear on the post listing, i want to say Loop, but since its displaying posts through a shortcode, im not sure its officially the Loop….

    I understand this probably is not enough info, but its all i can provide

    something that comes to my mind, when thinking of this, which might be helpful getting my point across..

    with WO Post Ratings, if you want the ratings of the post to display on the Loop, aka usually under the post thumbnail .. there is a little line of php like < ?php get_ratings_or-something ?>

    so, some how it knows how to get the right ratings, from the right post, to display under the thumbnail..

    my friend is helping me with the plugin he’s pretty good, but he’s not a total pro, so what id hope to get here is some direction to give him that will put him in the Ah Ha mode and figure the rest out. . :-/ .. explaining things is hard.. for me at least


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