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    While designing web pages i often end up inundated with different guides for different parts of the site.
    Is there a way to group guides and hide and show different ones at different times, so i could hide all the header related guides if im working on the side bar for example.

    Many Thanks


    not that I know of, but that would be an awesome feature request for CS6 :)
    currently the only way i can think of doing what you want is to create guides using the line tool and put each set of guides on their own layer, that way you can hide and show them to your hearts content.

    Another option which may be easier for you is to create a set of actions, one that clears all the guides and then draws a new set (that you recorded in the action) and then another one for the next set of guides etc. That way all you have to do is run each action as you need the guides it creates. (this idea i found at


    Wonderful idea dude, sometimes stuff gets so hectic you have no idea what the lines were for anymore. I usually “reset” and start all over. Chances are if I need to go back, I would just draw the guide.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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