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    Hello all– I wanted to throw my personal portfolio website out to you to see what I can improve on/what you think. Let me know:


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    small X’s on the modal pop ups.. would be pretty easy to make that background be a clickable area that would close it. I don’t like some of the effects, but that is just my personal choice… Good luck, overall looks very good.

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    Background is little too bright, hover effect on category heading is dizzying, could use more vertical space between categories and maybe align headings text to the left, circles could be smaller with more horizontal spacing between them even if you have to wrap text to 3 or four lines, better color matching. Why not going responsive. Overall, nice, simple and different. Has a potential.

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    I think I agree with the hover effect on the category. In my opinion, I don’t think there needs to be one at all, usually a hover effect indicates a link which in this case it isn’t. I think my only other suggestion would be maybe putting images of your work in those circles as well. Even if it’s just faded in the background, but if the goal of the site is to display your work, you should show it off!

    Overall, I do think it’s a good start and has some great potential.

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    I think if you give the H1’s a border-bottom of `1px dotted #aaa`, it will look a little better. I would also increase the spacing between the H1 and border. The color palette could be worked on a bit more as well.

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    Looks good, but a couple of things spring to mind:

    I would make a clearer call to action, so a large Contact Me button, or your email/phone number in a large font-size. I would also have your full name somewhere on the page. I think you could have a lot more information in the header while maintaining the clean, simple layout that you have.

    While it’s common to spell résumé as ‘resume’, I would have it with the accents on here. At the moment, it could easily be mistaken for meaning ‘to start again’.

    I think I would have an about us page on the site, rather than linking directly to your LinkedIn page. That way you can control exactly what’s on it and how it’s formatted.

    I feel like the background texture may be a little overpowering or overused. I would maybe try having sections with just a flat colour to contrast the texture. Perhaps the titles could have a white background or the sections of work examples.

    On the whole, though, looking good :)

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    I don’t like that there is no content. Nothing for search engines to digest other than a few h1’s and some links to images, nothing more.

    You would be better off rethinking the way the site is structured.

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