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    Hello all– I wanted to throw my personal portfolio website out to you to see what I can improve on/what you think. Let me know:



    small X’s on the modal pop ups.. would be pretty easy to make that background be a clickable area that would close it. I don’t like some of the effects, but that is just my personal choice… Good luck, overall looks very good.


    I think if you give the H1’s a border-bottom of `1px dotted #aaa`, it will look a little better. I would also increase the spacing between the H1 and border. The color palette could be worked on a bit more as well.


    Looks good, but a couple of things spring to mind:

    I would make a clearer call to action, so a large Contact Me button, or your email/phone number in a large font-size. I would also have your full name somewhere on the page. I think you could have a lot more information in the header while maintaining the clean, simple layout that you have.

    While it’s common to spell résumé as ‘resume’, I would have it with the accents on here. At the moment, it could easily be mistaken for meaning ‘to start again’.

    I think I would have an about us page on the site, rather than linking directly to your LinkedIn page. That way you can control exactly what’s on it and how it’s formatted.

    I feel like the background texture may be a little overpowering or overused. I would maybe try having sections with just a flat colour to contrast the texture. Perhaps the titles could have a white background or the sections of work examples.

    On the whole, though, looking good :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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