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    Hello, all. I am soon launching a personal site/blog that’d I like to share with you all for some feedback. I’m fairly new to CSS and WordPress, so I went with a minimalistic design. I’m open to any suggestions!

    Since I’m running the site on a local server right now, I can only show an image. Sorry about that.

    Please note that the large grey box will be replaced by a photograph and that all text is filler text (minus the Twitter feed).


    Here is my two cents:

    The general site looks good and I like the design.

    You need to separate the sections a little better. You can do this in several ways:
    1. Make the headings a little bigger so they are not the same size as the content text(I know they are all caps to separate but size would help too.

    2. Put the sections into colored boxes maybe even just a dark gray so it isn’t extremely far from your current color but give it just that little bit of difference or go for white boxes to give that extra contrast and then make the text black.

    End of my two cents.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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