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    Can I introduce you to “888 Grid” a new CSS grid based framework. It’s still in very much early development (I only started it yesterday!). I’m developing it under “weblaunchr” which is my new re-branding exercise.

    888 Grid is 888px total width, with 12 columns and makes use of media queries under 768px wide devices.

    For a quick preview follow the link to a screencast I recorded of 888 Grid 0.0.2 in action.

    Feedback wanted! ;)


    Why 888px? With the way monitors are going these days (wider), you’d think we should be getting larger than the standard 960px instead of smaller?


    . With the influx of tablet users and the 13in and below laptop market still the most popular, I think it still can make sense.

    Oh and I really really like narrower than 960 layouts. Super wide layouts hurt my eyes, 888px can really help improve the general readability of copy.

    And it was something to do ;)


    Some examples:

    • iPad: 1024px width (only to get better)
    • 11″ Macbook Air: 1366px width (native resolution)

    I would say the readability of content depends on the specific section that the content is written in. Generally I would say content areas don’t go much beyond 600px these days, with the rest of the width taken up by sidebars, navigation, design, etc.

    I wish you luck on your journey, though! I will say that while the number of 888 might seem like a good branding idea, it really is an awkward width to base your structure on.


    iPad width depends on orientation and of course you can’t just cater for the latest gadget adopters.

    Why do you feel 888 is awkward to design for yet 960 not? I can’t quite figure that out, it all depends what your designing. For some projects 960 isn’t great, sometimes you want wider, or narrower, or you rock your own.

    It’s another option and after all, why not? :)


    Only because you asked…

    960px wasn’t really a ‘random’ number. Based on a 1024px width screen, it leaves enough room on either side of the design to account for scroll bar, possible browser plugins, etc. That exact size was picked and established as a standard. I think what you’re trying to do is great, sounds like a solid project.

    So let me ask you! Why 888px?

    “888px can really help improve the general readability of copy.”

    That doesn’t really count as an answer because you and I both know that any main content area shouldn’t span 888px anyways!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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