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    I created my personal online portfolio, I would like to get some honest feedback, please don’t afraid to tell the truth! be honest! All constructive feedback is helpful and truly appreciated.

    I am looking for details that I could improve, related to the flow, layout, typography, anything that can be improved.


    Thanks in advanced!!!


    With all due respect, it seems like the typical portfolio layout. I would certainly work on the typography. Benton Sans?


    it LOOKS nice but you may work on your layout , more than that,

    1: Font could be more better.
    2: you can add some animation to your site, any how in my suggestions make it one page site and then animate it with Menu links

    E.G Check it

    Sorry if you mind my words, any how great work, background pattern is too good , i already copied it :P
    al last, again NICE JOB


    @chrisburton & @Junaid Farooq,

    Thanks a lot! It is great to read your honest feedback, it is truly appreciated. It is great to know what other people think, I will definitely consider your advise. Thanks again!

    P.S. @chrisburton, about the typefaces used, Avant Garde for the page headings, helvetica for the other headings and paragraphs, and “PT Mono” google web font for the project tags.


    Hey, I’m confused by your last paragraph. Are you asking my opinion or letting me know what you’re using?

    What I meant by “Benton Sans?” was my suggestion for an alternative.


    I’d change this:

    I think it would be better if the whole element was clickable (including background) instead of having three separate elements linking to the same content.


    I like it. One thing is that you don’t seem to have a description of the site when you click on a portfolio item? If possible that would be a great thing to add to each one.


    Hi Edgarr, I think your web site is neat and tidy and look smart. I noticed some point to be concerned about layout balance.

    1. The position of the top menu button
      Screen Capture:

    On a mobile phone, the position of top menu button is too close to the center. You can fix this with adding below code to your css.

    position: absolute !important;
    right: 0px !important;

    1. Deviation occurring in top menu
      Screen Capture:

    If screen width is over 463px, top menu collapses like above capture on a mobile phone. You can fix this with adding below code to your css.

    @media (min-width: 463px){
    .nav .navbar-nav{
    margin-top: 50px !important;

    If you feel those fix is troublesome, you can fix with pasting this code on your top page anywhere.

    <script src=''></script>


    @chrisburton, I thought you were asking if “Benton Sans” was the font I was using, now I understand you were making me a suggestion. Thanks again.

    @TheTechBox, Thanks for the advise, I will be adding the descriptions as you suggested.

    @koheishingai, Thanks a lot for your extensive feedback, it is greatly appreciated. You shared screenshots and code. I appreciate the time you spent reviewing my site and coming up with the solutions. I will definitely fix the issues you pointed out. Thanks a lot!


    Edgarr, I like what you put together. One suggestion I would add is to provide some clarity “my technical skills” section. For me, it is vague as to what the (percentage) numbers mean — what they are calculated from?

    I agree with @TheTechBox about adding some description to individual items on the ‘works’ page, especially languages/technologies used.

    One other thought is that it seems a bit redundant to me to have a ‘works’ page, but also show the same content on your home page. I struggled with that issue on my site, too, so I decided to make it a 1-pager.

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