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    I been working on my personal portfolio since few days and I would really appreciate your view on my website.
    about the website:
    – Website is not responsive yet but planning to make it one.
    – Have used some CSS3.
    – No idea about what to put in to footer. Should I keep the footer same for every page?

    Here is the link to my website:

    Thanks in advance for you suggestions.

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    I really am not fond of the color scheme, it is a little wild for me, I would like to see some colors that are a little more aesthetically pleasing, something complimentary.

    I think the “hire me” and “work” images are clever, and look pretty cool on the home page.

    Your WORK page looks really good in my opinion however, the images are 100k and over each which is really high, you could easily cut file sizes in half to make it load faster…

    Especially if you are going to make it responsive, anyone using a mobile device is going to have to wait quite sometime to load…

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    I’m not sure whether English is your second language or if you just haven’t gotten around to it but I would definitely recommend using a proofreader/spellchecker before you go live with that site.

    # July 11, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    @ kgscott284 : i will definitely reduce the image size. thanks
    @theacefes : English is not my first language and I fixed spelling mistakes. I will always use spell checker now on before going live, thanks.

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    I recently made a portfolio. I see you are wondering what to put in the footer. Here’s what I figured: My Footer. I put some logos for services I like/use and then some legal info.

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    @Odd_E thanx, thats a good idea!!!

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    No problem, I was actually very confused about what to put in there too until I came up with that.

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    try using this to reduce img weight …

    add in css

    html {overflow-y: scroll; }

    keeps page centred in all browsers regardless of content height (adds scrollbar)

    people want to click on email

    make your id=”logo” a link that leads to index, not just the home button

    you have transitional doctype, try using sctrict

    look in validator for errors
    once all is okay and you are sure with code, switch to HTML5 !

    do not go the old way

    go and rock with HTML5 :)

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    stick with ONE colour for links in body
    green would make sense here as menu
    make it obvious what is link

    give your heading a bit of space, text is to much close to it

    remove this line
    Note: This website is still under construction, please visit again to see it at its BEST.

    common, your web will always be in development, trust me it feels like this with every web all the time ;)

    in your WORK, you could change img border colour to orange to indicate it does something
    same as on hover you have in menu
    would make sense


    since you have green buttons, use that on the VISIT WEBSITE

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    about me

    make the map bigger, got good space there


    I do not know, like the form more this way

    hope you do not hate me now :)

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    all above I put in few simple screenshots and words ;)

    hover over those bubbles

    # July 18, 2012 at 12:26 am

    @krysak4ever Thank you so much for your suggestions and time. It really helped me a lot and I implemented few things u suggested.
    The reason i didn’t use HTML5 is because i wanted my website to maintain a decent look in IE browsers too. I used CSS3 and will use fall-backs for that.
    My locations is not much important as i do most of my work remotely so i decided to go with small sized map.

    and about the border and button color on the work page, when i was designing it, I thought the same thing you suggested but i used grey shades instead and you will see why if you have look at this work-portfolio-page

    Again thank you so much, i really appreciate it :)

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    no problem
    you can use to enable HTML5 in older IE browsers

    # July 18, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    Modernizr does not “enable HTML5” in any browser. If a browser doesn’t support border-radius, Modernizr will not magically change that.

    What Modernizr does is examine the user agent (browser) to determine what features (including HTML5 stuff) it supports. It adds class names to HTML elements indicating which features are and are not supported by the browser being used. You can use these class names as styling hooks for alternate styling to work around or simulate unsupported features.

    # July 18, 2012 at 1:41 pm

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    you are taling about CSS 3
    what I meant is that modernizr ihncludes HTML5 shiv that renders new HTML5 elements

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