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    I downloaded the Personal Homepage Theme after watching the tutorials. I can’t figure out how to change the title from ‘your name’. I tried making my own .png file and replacing yourname.png in the images folder but that didn’t work. I’m not sure where the theme is accessing it’s images from, but it doesn’t seem to be the image folder that was downloaded in the template zip file. I am a complete newbie to all this so I’d really appreciate the help.


    Rob MacKay

    Hi angela

    The idea of the theme really is for a learning process so I am gonna help you out with where to look in the videos – if you look at the second video at about 30mins onwards you will find the explanation of the H1 tag there. I would suggest you go through the tutorial so you understand it, it will help you understand the rest of the features and set you up a little better :)



    Hi Rob

    Lol…that’s good, make me learn! Thanks, I’m going to watch the tutorials again later and see if I can figure it out. This is how I feel about the dizzing height of the learning curve I’m currently on :o (but man I’m having fun!).


    Rob MacKay

    hehe as long as you are enjoying it :)

    Good luck!



    Hi Rob

    Okeedokee…figured out the title thing…turned out all I had to do was refresh my browser (I did say I’m new at this :oops: ).


    1) I set up my contact form in wufoo, but I don’t know which code to use (they offer different options), and more importantly which php file to slot it into?

    2) Also I installed the wp-gravatar plugin. Is that the right one? It doesn’t specify in the tutorials.

    3) I also get this error when I go to a comment on my blog (it doesn’t show the bubbletip.png either):

    <img src="
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function gravatar() in /home/theinfin/public_html/wp-content/themes/PersonalHomepageTheme/comments.php on line 41

    Thanks :D


    I think you have installed the wp-gravtar plugin but you haven’t yet activated it :P
    Anyway, you should always call any plugin function inside an ‘if’ condition to check if they exist or not. For example in this case

    < ?php if(function_exists('get_avatar')){ echo get_avatar( $comment, 80 ); } ?>

    this way even if the function is not there, you won’t get any error on opening the web page.

    As for Wufoo , they give you quite a few options to install the code but they also recommend one of them, which I suppose is the javascript one. Just follow their guidelines on installing their code and you won’t have any problem ;)

    Hope you are having fun coding!




    Thanks for responding. Ther error is there whether I activate the plugin or not?

    Which php file must I put the ‘if’ function into?

    And which php file must I put the wufoo code into?

    Aaarghsorry for really basic questions…to you ‘code’ types they must be really lame :? But like I said…I’m REALLY new to all of this.

    Cheers :geek: (the wannabe geek)



    Hey Angela,

    Just deleted your other thread to try and keep the forum nice and clean, especially since the same questions were asked in here!

    As for the Wufoo code, you shouldn’t need to put any PHP code anywhere (if I remember Wufoo correctly!). You should just need to post the actual form onto whatever page you’d like to see it on.


    @thedoc.. yeah she was asking for the php code to insert her gravatar. To do that you must open the comments.php file and then study the code properly. Then you will find the comment’s loop and in that loop, where each comment is being displayed, there you will have to insert that if condition along with the function call to the gravtar.

    As for the wufoo form, as doc said, you just need to paste the whole code [provided by wufoo] in the page where ever you want to display your contact form. Mostly, it would be a contact.php template or something similar to it :)

    Everybody is a beginner one time or the other, you just need the passion and the determination to learn very fast :)
    All the best.



    bubbletip.png wasn’t showing up. It’s under comments.php
    I just replaced:




    All of the other images were linked in this fashion except bubbletip.png. Not sure why. I’m really new at php/wordpress/etc, so I’m not sure if I’m screwing things up.

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