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    I’ve recently made this site:

    The client is really happy, but as with all clients they are obsessing over a ‘glitch’ which I consider to be fairly standard to rich websites. To recreate it:

    * Scroll down to “Case studies” (or click case studies in the menu)
    * Click a case study
    * Now, click the back button

    The issue is that for a fraction of a second you see the top of the home page, then it jumps to the case studies after the page is fully loaded…

    Is there anyway I can either fix this issue, or alternatively speed up the time the page takes to load? Already using WP Super Cache in the hope it would speed things up, but the page is also using a tonne of high res images, and loading a vimeo and twitter frame/feed.



    You could have all of the content set to 0 opacity and only once the page has been able to scroll back down to case studies should you show all of the content again.


    Hmmm interesting, thanks for the advice!


    I reallllly can’t see a problem with it. That really is super picky

    Edit: It’s a really nice site by the way, well done.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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