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    But don’t view it in Safari, IE7 (I’m not playing with them anymore) or Opera. I know, I know, who uses Opera, so I’m not terribly concerned about that. I have a question on this forum about the Safari issue, but if you look at it in IE8, Chrome, or FF, it should play nicely.

    comida restaurant

    Thank you! If I can return the favor, hit me up.


    Ive checked the design. It seems the functionality works fine, the slider is implemented well, but I do have a few crits about the aesthetic aspects.

    First, I would say that your titles that arrive just under the links should have a larger margin from the links, it seem a bit crowded up there. Maybe you could reduce the title text size, but I would space it out.

    Second: I’m not sure if you know this but your main image is completely skewed. Its obvious that you havent cropped it and its cramming it in a smaller frame. Check the dimensions of the slider div and crop the image accordingly.

    Third, I’d try and rethink the color scheme a bit. My suggestion would be to use some more lively colors, similar to these:


    and possibly add a couple nice images?!


    PS. The contact page is also skewed.


    I know about the images stretching. Those are FPO. The owners are getting a model to do the main page photo taken inside the restaurant.

    I’ll look into the crowding issue.

    The color scheme is that of all the marketing collateral of the restaurant (outside paint and awning, etc, and the menus and other paper like business cards and letterhead).

    Though, if you look at the first three colors of the ‘Mexican Man’ theme from the kuler link, it’s pretty spot on.

    I expect to add some ‘bling’ to the bg.

    BTW, this site isn’t up, yet: It’s still on my server. Just getting through the kinks.

    Thanks for the look and the critique.


    I’m on a 1600x900px resolution monitor, and the page extends past the bottom of the viewport. Seems that you’ve got scrolling disabled, so it really breaks the page – especially since the name of the restaurant is at the bottom (it’s cut off completely). I would enable scrolling and push the logo to the top left corner of the page. Since this functions as a 1 page site, I would alter the dimensions to ensure that everything fits on the page within a 980x600px viewing area so that someone with a resolution of 1028×760 can most likely view everything on screen at once.

    I ate at Friday’s over the weekend, and their website uses a similar idea for their menu navigation –

    You may get some ideas from that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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