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    Hey there,

    I have a client site that I am integrating into a cms for them to be able to do simple updates themselves.

    The client called me the other day and wants to be able to offer a group of churches across the country the ability to order shirts through the site. The church is having a conference in the future and is offering all churches that are sending members to the conference their own shirts. The shirts will be the same on the front of every one and then will have some text on the back reflecting their specific location.

    Here is what I had in mind:
    Just have a contact style form requesting their contact information, then have a few fields where they can enter the text that will be printed on the backs of the shirts (each described as ‘upper text on rear of the shirt’, etc.), then a drop down or box that they can pick a quantity of shirts. This number they choose will then be used to calculate the total price of the shirts, and when the form is submitted, they will be forwarded to a paypal page to pay for the order. Also, upon submitting the form, the owner of the site will be emailed the details of the transaction, along with all the information they need to create the shirts and ship them.

    I have a few questions:
    Is this fairly straight forward to accomplish in general with html, php, js, (or whatever languages are necessary) and paypal? Also, if anyone is familiar with it, can it be relatively easily integrated into modx? The client doesn’t need to be able to update or change this portion of the website….

    Is the way I described above the best way to do this? Or does anyone have a better/more efficient way to accomplish this? Obviously, no full fledged shopping integration is needed, so I thought this may be the best way.

    Someone also suggested to me to try simplecart(js), but I can’t see a way for simplecart to be able to do a different quantity of shirts for every order.

    Anyone that has a suggestion or answers for me, it’s much appreciated….as the client is all over me for an answer on this.

    Thanks !


    Josh, that is correct. All individual orders.

    That plugin looks promising, but I didn’t really want to go the wordpress route. The reason I was looking at doing the site in modx is because of how quickly I can convert the static site to modx. Even if I was to go with wordpress, I’m not sure that I could convince the client to spend money on the plugin along with the added shipping modules and whatnot I saw when briefly browsing the shopp site, especially since it would probably be a one time need..

    Thanks for the suggestion though josh, I really appreciate it.

    If anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to hear them! thanks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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